We face a battle to be seen, heard and respected in this industry

At age 16, I took my first engineering class in high school. As one of only two girls, I was met with whispers of “she only took this class to meet boys, and have the attention all to herself.”

At age 17, I sought out an AP Computer Science class…

A university project involving AWS, VR, blockchain, cryptocurrency, APIs, SDKs, robotics, Python, and JavaScript.

If you are looking for a project that has a little bit of everything, then you’ve come to the right place. AWS Lambda & IoT Core, virtual reality (VR), blockchain, cryptocurrency, APIs & SDKs, robotics, Python, and JavaScript….yeah, admittedly it’s a bit of a mess. …

Kristi Perreault

Senior Software Engineer in Serverless Enablement & Development. Women Who Code Member & Advocate. Denver/Boulder.

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